I’ve returned to Berlin again over a year since me being here last and it’s been so far (aside from a bad döner messing with health) a rather pleasant experience. I was able to attend my first Fashion Week ever where I got a first hand look at Berlin based designer Sissi Götze’s work in the separate “Studio” room adjacent to the runway. I particularly liked this mode of presentation as it enabled me the viewer to get a lot more up close and personal with the clothing, especially with Götze’s  who utilized interesting textures and accents. It also made me think more about how the model’s body is used much more as a “mannequin” in this presentation as in a runway where you get to see how a garment interacts with motion and stride. Empty faced “mannequins” who suddenly make eye contact with you through the lens of your camera is an experience I won’t soon forget, however.

I enjoyed this line quite a lot considering it was my first fashion show. I didn’t particularly know what I was looking for or what my expectation was. I found that Sissi’s line fits my own personal aesthetic of minimalism and monochromatic colors with the occasional pop of color to lighten the outfit. Götze melds a specifically classic look of straight cut slacks with more modern short cut collars and zip up vests. Little accents such as tiny buttoned pockets on the hip, or a buttoned strap over the tie were great additions as well. Her hats were excellent accessory choices for these outfits as well. This ready to wear collection is definitely something I myself am ready to wear and I look forward to following this designer in her future endeavors.

























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