It’s been a whole year since I set foot at Berlin Fashion Week. After this 2 season absence, little has changed in the constellation and choice in designers and events. Nonetheless, my favorites remain the shows of Vladimir Karaleev (which I’ll see tomorrow) Sissi Goetze (which was yesterday) and my friends, the Romanian Designers.

The latter I saw on Tuesday in a 3-part runway show which started off as a cathartic dark funeral procession, went through an experimental growing-up phase to become a bold and confident woman. In the same order Romanian fashion talents Andra Clitzan, Adelina Ivan and Stephan Pelger presented their new collections. Especially exciting were the garments Andra Citzan presented – her collection is based on Romanian folklore elements, mixing fur with sheep leather, adding fine final touches of handcrafted crocheting and embroidery.

A truly pleasant surprise to me was the aviator-inspired collection by Stephan Pelger. While backstage before the show, I wasn’t truly inspired by the garments. I was immediately in love with the stone incrustation, but that was about it. The woolen material with manually applied metallic finishes looked rough and bulky in an unflattering way and the light dresses seemed rather unfinished. However, once they were worn by the models, one could see the true beauty of the collection and the effortless fierceness that came with the combination of wool and leather as well as the sensuality that came with the laser-cut decorations on all silk dresses and jumpsuits.

As usual, all three designers’ collections were featuring the gorgeous SEPALA shoes by Mihaela Glavan, who unfortunately couldn’t attend this fashion week since she’s expecting her first child (Congrats!)

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