When I make a choice I stick to it. By declaring some time ago that I’m a Madonna fan, I may have lost the attention of some of you, but you know what? Fuck it. If you’re gonna judge me by the fact that I listen to and get inspired by one artist, so be it. However, no matter how much I worship her, Madonna had me second-guessing her for the first time.

The MDNA tour kicked off last night in Tel Aviv and ended all rumors surrounding it. Did Madonna diss Lady Gaga by singing 1-2 verses off of Born This Way during the Express Yourself number ending with the chorus of She’s Not Me? She did and honestly, this is the most elegant and “in your face” way to answer all journalists’ questions regarding Lady Gaga copying everything Ms. Ciccone has already done.

The set this time is much more complex, flexible and liquid. I love seeing all the elements moving around projecting backdrops on almost everything. That is maybe the best set so far. By default, the costumes were perfect including the flawless outfit by Jean-Paul Gaultier for Vogue. Finally the gays got what they’ve been falling on their knees to pray (while sucking someone off, naturally) – the good ol’ camp Vogue from the I’m Breathless OST. There was a lot of black, spandex and full-body outfits which some may have found this boring. Regardless, this was maybe the best part of the concert. Madonna finally acts and dresses her age – except this short part where she strips to pants and bra for Like A Virgin. But hey, no “crotch in your face” or camel-toeing this time.

Nevertheless, the song choice was a bit questionable for me. Only 19 tracks resulting in only hour and 50 minutes and almost the whole MDNA album. Was it a management decision by LiveNation to push the album, was it her giving her best to make it clear to Guy Richie that he hates his guts and would shoot him in the head yet again when she stumbles upon him in hell? There were songs like Candy Shop, Revolver, Cyberraga and the closing Celebration that are very much questionable having in mind that no other classics for the older generation of fans were included. And no Music. Anyhow, the good thing is that for once there was no rock version of Ray Of Light – that would’ve pushed me over the edge.

All in all, I am genuinely looking forward to this much darker and sarcastic Madonna tour. No sugary surprises – just raw, sweaty and bloody. Thanks to my friends Monika and Pino I will be flying British Airways to London in July to see MDNA in Hyde Park. Until then I’ll have to doubt any positive or negative opinion about the show.

PS: What’s with Rocko on stage in a church robe?


  1. jmgonzales

    luv your review … and your love of Madge … i became a fan in 2005 (only) … she inspires me … i’m 48 :D

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