Right on time for the opening of the Olympic Games 2012 in London this Friday German model agency KULT brings the style back in sports with a blast from the past in the 3rd issue of KULT Paper. Having in mind that the arrival of all international Olympic teams (and some other technical factors) crashed Grindr’s servers, it’s reasonable to be excited about the whole lot happening in the late hours on the premises of the Olympic City.

Some men break. And some break records.

Photography: Ben Lamberty www.kstiegemeyer.com

Models: Aaron Brückner, Eric Belanger, Johannes Ibelherr, Julian Schalk, Leon Nieuwoudt, Marc Zimmermann, Niko Ohlsson, Patrick Peltier, Ricardo Vasquez, Zack van der Merwe

Concept: Arne Schoenwald
Styling: Adelaida Cue Baer www.kultartists.com
Hair/Make-up: Fee Romero www.kultartists.com

Outtakes found at homotography

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