Building a strong connection between printed matter and online publication is what I am aiming for with the Printed Matters section on Grateful Grapefruit. A lot different, but with the same DNA of an idea, artist Alma Alloro intertwines digital and analog in her work.

Further Abstract is a series of drawings converted to a GIF animation and then converted back to a manual animation spinning from a bicycle wheel. A triangle, a square and a circle move in space, spin, decrease, increase transform and disappear in series of short animated loops. The drawings, which consist of hand drawn lines ruled densely onto architectural grid paper, convey the deteriorated appearance of low-tech computer design.

Born Tel Aviv 1982 Alma Alloro is an artist, musician and performer from Tel Aviv. She is rooted in the backyard of popular culture using diversified media from drawing, installation, music, and animation to internet; her recent works focus on the correlation between old media and new media. Alloro studied “Fine Art and Education” at the Midrasha school of Art, and received her MFA in “New Artistic Strategies” from Bauhaus-University Weimar. She lives and works in Berlin, operating out of Studio74 and performing chipmusic under the alias Bikecore.

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