If more than 12 hours of your daily life take place online, then you definitely have heard about this, so you can carry on. For the rest of you people with better things to do than browsing genitalia on Tumblr, here comes COSMARXPOLITAN – Fun Fearless Freedom From The Oppression of Capitalism – the perfect magazine for all communist chicks out there. This is an ongoing (art?) project consisting of reproducing communist and socialist history in COSMOPOLITAN style. I can recommend gems like “Viva La Ereccion! 140 most radical sex tips EVER”; “Mao’s little red book of sex secrets”; “Stalin strips down!” and “Your va-jay-jay called! It wants to talk about anarcho-syndicalism” Check out more on the devoted Tumblr. 


Who are you people?

Smug college students with too much time on our hands.

Did you know that Castro wasn’t alive in 1850?


Are you really laughing even though these dictators killed millions of people?

Yes. We are. We know that it’s messed up. And we are sorry when our jokes hurt people.

The intention of Cosmarxpolitan is to ridicule the awful advice and backwards attitudes of magazines targeted at women; not to poke fun at those who suffered under communist rulers.

For those of you who think that we promote stereotypes that marginalize certain groups and privilege a deeply distorted narrative, it’s because we’re doing our best to channel Cosmo.

Are you actually marxists? 

Ken is. The rest of us are just bourgeois scum, to varying degrees.




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