Sean Branagan’s work has a hint of the impossible, but nearly graspable about it. He doesn’t describe the world we know. He presents us the world in layers of reality that we would otherwise so easily miss. His work is an amazing visual study using the combination of images, projections and light to open narrow gaps to his alternative reality. His recent exhibition “Take me anywhere, I don’t care – I don’t care.” opened September 2nd in GOODEN Gallery London.

Born in Old Trafford, Salford, England, Branagan studied at BIAD (Birmingham City University). He has received the Salford City Arts Bursary 1st prize, a Pollock Krasner Foundation award, New York and an ‘Art for Architecture’ Award from the Royal Society of Arts. You can pretty much say he is a big deal. Solo shows include: ‘Painting with People’, THE PROJECTspace, Vyner Street London; ‘LIGHT FORMS’, VINEspace London; ‘Painting with People II’, STUDIO ONE, the GRV, Edinburgh and The Solo Project Basel. Group shows include: ‘Shibboleth’, The Cafe Gallery Projects London; ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, Nettie Horn, London; ‘Visions in the Nunnery’, Bow Arts London and ‘Painting Unlimited’, APT, London.

See other pieces and watch more video installations after the click:

[images found at GOODEN Gallery]

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