Vadoinmessico is a pretty complicated name. This five member band from the UK plays mediterranean alternative folk with a bit of psychedelic rock thrown in the mix and have been featured at festivals all over the world including the last SXSW. I wouldn’t be actually telling you about the band if it wasn’t for Valero Doval‘s amazing visualization of their album and their video for the song “In Spain”.

Salvador, the member of the band who comes from Mexico explains the band’s name history in an interview for Spinner:

It is a funny story, it was one time when Giorgio was out running in Rome with our friend Allesandro, they were trying to go home. They were waiting for the bus and the bus had changed its final destination to Vadoinmessico, so this guy was really, really hoping and dreaming that his bus was going to take him to Mexico, so that is where the name came from and Giorgio and I were sitting in a tiny little flat in London and it was pouring rain outside, making music and so we decided to use that name.

Originally there were three of us in the core of the band, Giorgio, Stephan and I. We go for something like Mediterranean alternative folk with a bit of psychedelic rock in, it is a mash up of all of our nationalities which ended up in the UK. The singer Giorgio is Italian, he is from Rome, I am from Mexico, Stephan is from Austria and Allesandro is from Italy as well. Our new drummer Harry is English, but we have had other drummers from Venezuela, Canada all over the place.

Well, it didn’t take so long for Grateful Grapefruit to offer some cat content now, did it?

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