Jessica Yatrofsky is maybe the coolest fag hag – slash – photographer I’ve ever seen. While she was in art school in her home town Las Vegas, she earned money by shooting whatever she could: from boring stuff like weddings and events, to portraits, and – most notably – male strippers. It proved to be a turning point in her work, which is defined by the honest curiously provocative subject matter.

After moving to New York City in 2007, Yatrofsky became obsessed with the queer art blog and started taking photographs for it. Soon after, she launched her own blog,, where she posts photos from all of her shoots. “I have a passion for taking pictures of naked guys in my style: the fawn-like type of guy, the enigmatic expression, the matter-of-fact nudity” Her work is more than just naked boys tho – there is a deeper meaning of the mellow faces and the nostalgic color symbolic.

The compilation of the best shots will result in I Heart Boy, a photo book to be published by powerHouse on Valentine’s Day 2011. This fall, her feature film Sun In My Mouth will be released – it’s a flick about a guy who calls a phone-sex line and finds himself in a long conversation with an interesting – and unseen – girl.

Click here to see further inspiring works by Jessica:

[images by Jessica Yatrofsky; inspiration by Try State mag]

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