If you think you should be thankful for Belgian chocolate, you better take a look at this Belgian brilliant talent: Pierre Debusschere. Keeping a low profile, the light and tech savvy photographer specializes in fashion photography. He is also the one who created the first free digital VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN iPad GIF issue.

He has shot editorials for several leading magazines such as Vogue Homme Japan and Citizen K, as well as being a regular contributor to Dazed & Confused. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe including a presentation at Colette in Paris during fashion week where he creatively interpreted the collections, producing an original fashion film based on a runway collection each day. He is also online artistic director at Raf Simons.

Going beyond the traditional processes involved in creating a fashion image, his work truly embodies the multimedia crossover. See for yourself:



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  2. 2011 Fashion Films by Pierre Debusschere

    […] talented Belgian photographer Pierre Debusschere, keeping a low profile, specializing in fashion photography and also is the one who created the […]

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