photos by Slava Mogutin

Get ready for the biggest load in your life. Right in your face. Warm and sticky. It’s called The Virgin Shuffle and is the new Gio Black Peter album – premiering exclusively with a free download and video sneak peek on Grateful Grapefruit. It’s really distracting to listen to The Virgin Shuffle while attempting to write the review – typing comes after singing along, laughing out loud, dancing and screaming “NEW YORK CITY IS ALWAYS A NEW FUCK!”

The Virgin Shuffle takes independent music and culture on a completely new level. Gio gives you all the gory details – Pope Sex, shuffling virgins, circle jerking squirrels and guns. A lot of guns. On the album he’s been collaborating with Brian Kenny, Strobo Monsters, Adam Joseph, Sean Bumgarner, Josh Bloom + Fanatic Promotion, Bruce LaBruce, Slava Mogutin, Danny McKernan, Matt Lambert, The Hump Day Project, Thomas Lachin and (of course) Squirrel. The result is a mix of broken beats, electronic rhythm and sharp lyrics that make you go crazy.

The Virgin Shuffle includes Revolving Door / New Fuck New York (where Gio has never seen God, but streets filled with dogs), The Virgin Shuffle (where Gio shuffles virgins in duffles), Flip Flopping (where Gio is drooling), A-OK Gorilla (where Gio goes on war joined by Brian Kenny), Pope Sex (where Gio explores the religious aspects of sandpaper fisting), Saucer (where Gio plays a serial killer clown), Don’t Tell Me Nothing (where Gio gets laundry)

The first single off the record is called Revolving Door (LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE) – read how Gio explains the track in his latest Grateful Grapefruit interview. The video for the single comes warm and steamy from the Bruce LaBruce horror house. Watch the exclusive preview Gio sent me below or WATCH THE UNRATED VERSION of Gio Black Peter – Revolving Door [XXX Trailer] Sneak peek also from the backstage shot by Slava Mogutin.

If this was a German blog, I would definitely have to hide the contents of this post from 10 pm till 6 am. Fortunately, Grateful Grapefruit is a digital hobo shelter.

Download the first single off The Virgin Shuffle Revolving Door FOR FREE (LIMITED)


  1. Eric

    How do I play the Gio Black Peter – Revolving Door [XXX Trailer]? I downloaded it and none of my players will play it. From what I found out it is an icod codec and would only play on a Mac. I have a PC.. so do you have the video in AVI or some other format that would play on my computer? Thank you! :D

  2. Christo Author

    you need quicktime ;)

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