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Gio Black Peter premiered his new album The Virgin Shuffle exclusively on Grateful Grapefruit with a free download and sneak peek in the video directed by Bruce LaBruce to the first single off the record called Revolving Door. The Virgin Shuffle is expected in February 2011. The single release for Revolving Door is December 10 2010, but you can download the track for free NOW here. Watch the UNRATED video trailer to Revolving Door here. Below you can read my interview with the art spitfire from NYC and learn when he’s coming to Berlin with The Virgin Shuffle Tour 2011.

What is a virgin shuffle?

A Virgin Shuffle is like when you shuffle cards, only it’s with Virgins.

How long did it take you to record the album and how did you develop the idea?

The album took about 1 year. From writing the songs to recording. Some of the songs like “Revolving Door” and “The Virgin Shuffle” I wrote while touring around the world with “It’s Fucked Up”.  At one point I found myself surrounded by multiple virgins, so in a way the term ” The Virgin Shuffle” is a literal explanation of what was going on in my life.  I was also inspired by the moment something pure becomes bastardised.  I think all the songs on the album , in some way, deal with those two dynamics. The lyrics in “Saucer” really nails this.

You just shot the video for Revolving Door, the first single off the album – tell me about the video.

The video was directed by Bruce LaBruce. We shot it in NYC in a couple of hours and was a lot of fun to make.  The song is about cannibalistic love in New York City.  So the video plays on that and has some pretty explicit material.  Lets just say itfeatures me spending one night in a revolving door… but I don’t want to give too much away.  The lyrics come from my journal entries so if you really want to know what the video and song are about all you have to do is read them [at the end of the post]

What does it mean to be born with a revolving door?

It means that while one squirrel is leaving another one is coming in.

You say NYC there’s always a new fuck.  How many people have you fucked with in New York?


Do you feel more comfortable making music as a solo artist?

Well the funny part is that I have always been a solo artist.  When I tour I invite other artists to perform with me, but they are not present during the creation of the music. So it only made sense to release my music projects as a single artist.  I write all the lyrics and melodies by myself.  Then I bring the songs I’ve written to a musician I want to collaborate with and we work on the tracks together.  Most of the songs on “The Virgin Shuffle” were collaborations with super talented Adam Joseph.  I’ve known him for a while and I knew that he would get where I was trying to go with these new songs.  “Pope Sex” was a collaboration with the amazing Sean Bumgarner.  “Don’t Tell Me Nothing” was a collaboration with a really cool band from Milan called Strobo Monsters. I met them during one of my shows in Italy and I liked them right off the bat .  “A-OK Gorilla” features my Sputnik bro Brian Kenny busting out vocals with me.

When will you come to Berlin with the album?

I am planning a European Virgin Shuffle tour in March. Definitely will be in Berlin! So keep you ears to the ground. Or better yet keep checking my official website for exact tour dates.

One of your songs is called Pope Sex. Having sex with the pope must be pretty exotic experience. Is he good in bed?

The Pope is a pig. He loves to roll in shit. He likes a big sandpaper fist in his ass. If your into sandpaper fisting gaping holes, then yeah he’s good. The song came about because I was getting sick of hearing all the horrible discriminating things the Fatican was saying about homosexuals.  I was also really angry and disgusted by how the Pope protects pedaphile priests.  I wanted to make the Pope synonymous with a vicious, beastly type of rape sex.  It’s also my way of saying FUCK YOU to him and any asshole that hides hate through religion.

Do you celebrate any religious holidays?

No not really.

When did you loose your virginity?

Since I was 12 I’ve been a champion alligator wrestler.  I haven’t lost a battle yet.

Revolving Door Lyrics

We spent summer raising the dead/ washing your sheets breaking your bed but i don’t give a fuck about that , I let myself out through the back! The kids outside your window say you sigh and moan and groan and wait but you should be glad its too late/ I’d rip through you like a paper plate.  I could’ve been your boyfriend if we met 6 years ago/ so i guess you got lucky/ you don’t know what’d be in store.  I mastered sadomasochism / I’ve been here before; it’s not my fault – I was born with arevolving door.  I’ve never seen god but I’ve seen streets filled with dogs / I don’t waste my time offering strangers conferting hugs / the apple fell from the tree it was rotten to the core, it’s not my fault – I was born with a revolving door

and it goes

Round and round bait the hook with the worm

in New York City pretty boys get burned

Round and round every one gets a turn

in New York City theres always a New Fuck!

I might have said I love you 6 seconds after we met / but words are pointless anyway they’re easy to forget.  I may not have much money but I know where to put it, it’s not my fault – I was born with a revolving door.  So where did you go? After the show? I went down under with the undertow. Don’t bother wasting my time with a call, I’m happier on my way

You’re stupid if you’re still poor. Use your gun that’s what it’s for. Show them through to the corridor and be happier on your way

Como un conejo ,Cojiendo lunes a lunes. Move on to the next one, I’m happier on my way.


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