Beards are definitely in this winter more than ever. All major fashion labels included them as a must-have accessory for their upcoming summer 2012 collections. However, we already know that beard is not everyone’s cup of facial hair and growing some patches of hair on your face would rather make you look ridiculous than cute and trendy. However, I’m leaving the beard trash talk to the Queens With Beards. In times of recession and shrinking markets, every new niche has to be rather made than filled. That’s where Six Wolves come in. They are maybe the only casting agency that doesn’t rely only on classic boyish looks for men and angelic virgins for girls. Just flip a fashion magazine – I doubt you’ll find anything but underage models presenting fashion with target over 30.

Thankfully, Six Wolves has a reputation for being a cutting edge and in demand casting agency whose work is highly respected. Or at least that’s what their About page says. The agency has revitalized the landscape for local and international directors and producers offering a strong  understanding in street casting and professional models in Australia where it’s based. The team started by the two minds of Adam Browne and Kristen Perich  doesn’t only provide inconvenient models to the market, but gets involved in ad production itself. Recently they produced the new Onitsuka Tiger lookbook.

Take a look at the thrilling models and images from Onitsuka’s lookbook and the latest shoot for Oyster mag.


images: six wolves


  1. WE Alley Jr

    It is a joy to find who was behind the push to immortalize We the Bearded, and for that I thank Six Wolves! A longtime beard advocate and full bearded 26 years, it has been my personal drive to re-introduce the world to true manhood in its origins. You all have done well to promote the beard – full beards especially – in ways that showcase the men as deep, interesting, fun and even frivolous. You’ve also kicked arse everywhere else, as the beard is getting its due – finally – in adverts worldwide.

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