Nicola Formichetti is a visionary and  a multi-talent: Dazed’s former creative director, Lady Gaga’s stylist, designer for Mügler and Vogue Hommes Japan inspiration. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and reaching new frontiers. Nowhere else is that as obvious as in the documentary below, screened exclusively on Dazed Digital, where we get to follow Formichetti through the process of designing clothes for Mugler model Rick Genest’s avatar on a virtual catwalk. Collaborating with multiplayer game company CCP, Formichetti went to work on bridging the gap between fashion and the digital world.

And yet, the idea that, as CCP fashion editor Mary Lee suggests, watching and interacting with a virtual fashion show on your iPad, will be much richer and better than the store experience, is rather insane than innovative. Predicting an avatar-future is also a bit off the charts. However, make your own opinion while watching the video:

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  1. nicolas

    lol they are so full of crap. if you are a fashion designer the digital world will do nothing for you if you dont know how to work the fabric and the cut. of course you can have huge pr productions in order to hide the fact that you acutually arent very creative but fashion will always be a balancing act between fantasy and heritage/tradition

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