During my recent visit in New Zealand, I’ve been delighted by great natural scenery and interesting architecture. This was particularly true in Wellington, its underrated capital. Seriously, if you ever go to New Zealand, do not miss Wellington where Maori and imperial cultures mix very… well (yes, I love alliteration).

To do justice to Wellington, you will need at least a couple of days in town and therefore a nice, classy yet modern place to crash.
If you are a fan of boutique hotels like me, you will definitively love Ohtel.

[nokia-maps template=”nokia.blue.place” sizes=”{‘width’: ‘auto’,’height’: ‘370’}” placeId=”554rbsm1-99217a3d8ebc48bb9f88343bb533b591″ ]

As its owner Alan Blundell likes to say:

Ohtel opened in March 2008. It’s furnished in ‘mid century’ style; what we’d call 1950s and 60s taste which was heavily influenced by Scandinavian designers like Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner, not forgetting Australia’s Parker furniture and New Zealand’s Crown Lynn crockery.

I totally loved my stay there, the room was delightfully decorated, including a fancy Tivoli audio alarm clock and a spacious bathtub to relax after my sightseeing tours. The personal is also very friendly and helpful and you can always get in touch with them on Twitter, @ohtel.

Now, if you want to know why specifically horny nerds should get a room at Ohtel, you don’t have to go much further. Just see for yourself:

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