There’s nothing better than a room full of horny nerds. Maybe only a stadium full of horny nerds. Grateful Grapefruit is going to take on Social Media Week Berlin next Monday with only one goal in mind – fill the room with the creme de la creme of local and foreign horny nerds and admirers.

With the title #2QT2BSTR8 [too cute to be straight] and the pretty straight-forward tagline Blogs are like spaghetti: Straight until they get hot I’m aiming for the attention of all post-hipster nerds who know how to get your attention not only with looks, but with brains too. Cuz we all know that there is now use of the biggest bulge when there is as little in the head as much in the pants. As usual, girls are more than welcome.

I’ll have the stage for 30 minutes, during which you will be the first to:

See candid moments of the history of Grateful Grapefruit
Hear dirty stories from behind the scenes of a queer art blog
Get a roadmap on creating a successful independent blog
Talk to the people who write and curate Grateful Grapefruit (some cameo appearances expected!)

Reserve your spots on the Social Media Week Berlin website.

And here goes to the venue:

[nokia-maps template=”” sizes=”{‘width’: ‘auto’,’height’: ‘370’}” href=”;context=Zmxvdy1pZD1mMDFlZGNlYS1lMzEzLTRjNWEtYjdmNS0xOWY4NmJlZTdlZTdfMTM0Nzk3OTQ2ODgxNV8wXzQ1MjEmcmFuaz0w” zoomLevel=”16″ tileType=”map” ]

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