TUSK is not from here. Literally. TUSK is not from our planet. TUSK is not a he, nor a she. TUSK is the fusion of synth-pop and space dust.

Berlin-based producer, musician and post-apocalyptic doomsday cult character TUSK will release their debut album tonight at Chesters Inn. ‘Sacrifice’ features 10 new tracks with a musical album release launch tonight in Chesters Inn, Berlin. This might be one of the most promising Berlin-based newcommers for 2013, so you better not miss it.

Set in the backdrop of postcards from other planets, TUSK takes the stage in full-out death cult costumes – the ‘Disco musical’ premiere features a narrative between songs which reveals a world set aflame by Garland, an absent muse who returns to destroy planet earth at the end of the Mayan calendar.

“It’s about sacrificing oneself for a greater good,” says Adrienne Teicher, the musical force behind TUSK.

Best described as synth-wave meets sci-fi, TUSK is hailed as a visionary by fans. The new LP ‘Sacrifice’ is an epic, bittersweet space opera threaded through the rising drones and beats of 1980s synth dance and 1990s trance. Fuelled by the creation of an imaginary doomsday cult, the new TUSK album, shedding light on the dawn of the new beginning.

Thursday, November 29, 2012, 22h

Chesters Inn, Glogauer Strasse 2, 10999 Berlin

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 Images by Christopher Neumann

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