Chet Faker - Grateful Grapefruit 2

I know now would be the right time to review the new Woodkid album, but I have been so preoccupied with other much mor thrilling and intense feelings towards another bearded talent that I even forgot about The Golden Age after it leaked 3 or 4 days before release. So here it is, my newest obsession – meet Chet.

Chet Faker - Grateful Grapefruit 3


Chet Faker, born Nicholas James Murphy is an Australian electronica musician who’s able not only to provide the best music for making out, but also breathe new life into mellow electronica. He was got his degree at St Kevin’s College. In 2012 he signed to Downtown Records and issued an extended LP, Thinking in Textures. In October 2012 he won ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ and Thinking in Textures won ‘Best Independent Single/EP’ at the Australian Independent Records Awards. In January this year the work won ‘Best Independent Release’ at the Rolling Stone Australia Awards for 2012. And this seems to be just the beginning for an aspiring 22 (?) year-old velvet-voiced talent.

Chet Faker - Grateful Grapefruit 2

After musicians like Fink, Woodkid, Scott Matthews and other bearded talents, here comes one we better keep our eye on (especially after he shaved the mullet and put on some non-hipster clothes on), cause I have the feeling he’s got more than one tricks up his sleeve.

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  1. SAYLOULOU – JULIAN | Grateful Grapefruit ©

    […] There’s no bad music coming from Sweden. In the last 2 years however it seemed like all the music coming from there was desperately trying to mimic Robyn and Röyksopp’s success. Say Lou Lou are different. Say Lou Lou helps you unwind. Say Lou Lou carry sensibility, feminine energy and spread this light feeling you get on a careless hot summer day without leaving you bored or empty-handed. The duo just released their first single Julian the vinyl of which includes a B-side with Chet Faker. […]

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