Oliver Demont and I met shortly at a bar called WOOF – a bear den located in the Schöneberg area of Berlin. Oliver looks more like a chaser than a bear, but that’s not what this story is about. Oliver is a brilliant journalist and writer – but that’s not the point either.

First time I visited Mr. Demont’s website  and opened the first article dubbed König Heinz, a piece on the choreographer from the Zurich ballet Heinz Spoerli , I immediately lost my initial interest in the text once my eyes glanced over the images on the right. “That’s Walter Pfeiffer” – I thought and the credits nodded.

You always recognize Walter Pfeiffer and his unique colors, bodies and language. That’s what this post is about: the ever pleasing and amazing Mr. Pfeiffer. In front of his camera this time: The gifted dancers from the Zurich ballet and their mentor, König Heinz.

The pleasure is ours, by default.

MAGAZIN_Spoerli_3 MAGAZIN_Spoerli_4 50952150de MAGAZIN_Spoerli_6 MAGAZIN_Spoerli_7 eaf10e7288

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